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Lenal Engineering (London) Ltd is a unique well organised company which specialises in the thorough Inspections & testing of all lifting equipment & accessories within the TV and Film industry. Our company was founded some 47 years ago & we are a company of Lifting gear Inspectors, Testers & Engineers. We work to a very high standard adhering to all LOLER, PUWER, LEEA regulations. The majority of our work is within London & its surrounding areas, & we hold major contracts with some of biggest organisations in the TV & Film industries in the UK. Some of our main clients are Pinewood Studios, Shepperton Studios, (ITV) The London Studios, Teddington Studios & the recently opened Warner Bros Studios,


We pride ourselves to work to our client’s needs this means our engineers work either days,nights or weekends just to get the job done. Our main scope of work specialises in the thorough inspections testing and repairs of all types of lighting monopoles & manual chain tackles, and various other lifting equipment and lifting accessories. We carry out Proof load testing & thorough examinations on studio lighting grids no matter how large or small from huge film studios to the small in house scaffold type grids. We conduct runway deflection testing & certifications.


Lenal also carry out work for some prestigious smaller individual companies whom supply any lifting equipment/accessories to the film or TV studios. These are the companies who dry hire their equipment direct to the studios. We visit these individual clients at their own premises to conduct our inspections. Some of these clients include Terry Tew, Richard Martin lighting, Anna Valley visual displays,

Phil Knight International and there are many more.


Over the years our clients have relied on our service to get the job done and we have carried out many different tasks of work which gives a full service to suit our client’s needs. Lenal Engineering also carry out Class 1 safety eyebolt pull testing and certification these are the man safe Eyebolts used by a vast amount of companies.


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